Fort Augustus

On the most southern tip of Loch Ness Fort Augustus is situated on the Great Glen Way and the Caledonian Canal and is half way between the Capital of the Highand’s Inverness and Fort William.

In the early 17th century, the village became known by the name of the fort built by General Wade, Fort Augustus, named after the second son of King George.

Running through the village is the River Oich and the impressive 60 mile long Caledonian Canal and lock system, built by Thomas Telford in the early 1800s.
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The Four Seasons around Fort Augustus and Loch Ness

At any time of year Scottish weather can be unpredictable. Due to the closeness of the sea, the continent, the arctic and the gulf stream, there are many influences. Consequently weather patterns can change violently in very little time. The highlands are famous for the combination of strong wind and rain snow and hail. As a result fairly moderate temperatures, completely unthreatening in other conditions, can lead to hypothermia. Many people have come equipped for small hills and easy conditions but got into serious problems

bullet Spring
In Spring the area around the Loch bursts into life with daffodils and primroses. It is the time when a new wave of plant, animal and bird life begins to stir. There is still snow on the high mountains, but the thaw is causing streams and rivers to flow and allow the salmon to claw their way to the spawning grounds upstream. The bracing air and warming sun make this a wonderful time for some gentle exercise walking around the Loch.
bullet Summer
Summer is the time of colour and light in the highlands and around Loch Ness. For those prepared to travel, Fort Augustus can make a good base for whale-watching. With minke whales abundant around Mull and the Small Isles with Orcas spotted well into the Minches. Of course you may simply wish to take a picnic out onto the shores of the Loch, summer is a marvellous time for this and even try a little fishing or spotting some of the red squirrel litters and osprey chicks which may (or may not) be around at this time of year.
bullet Autumn
As the first frosts begin to turn the trees from their summer greens into the stunning array of autumnal colours a very real sense of change washes across the land. A superb time for the photographer or artist to practise their art. Stags gather in the glens for the annual rut - a very loud and sometimes violent practice when the male Red Deer compete to mate with the females - frequently many females to each male.  Autumn is also the time for the Loch Ness marathon for the very hardy amongst you!
bullet Winter
Wintertime in Scotland, with the snow in the mountains is beautiful - there is no other way to describe it! Add in the family festival that is Christmas and the enormous and very Scottish party called Hogmanay and you have a wonderful time for a short or even long break! Wrap up warmly to take a stroll in the frosty white of the glens and take in stunning vistas of castles,  monuments and more all lightly sprinkled with snow

Whatever you choose to do in Scotland and whatever season you go, you can be assured of an unforgettable experience.

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