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The Highland Club is situated in the picturesque village of Fort Augustus which lies south-west of Loch Ness near the Caledonian Canal. Like any good village, there are a full selection of local amenities, including pubs, shops and restaurants, making your stay all the more pleasant and stress-free.
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Fort Augustus

The village of Fort Augustus is situated in the south-west corner of Loch Ness. Despite being a small village, Fort Augustus is full of friendly locals who are used to welcoming visitors from across the globe. The village is a perfect holiday spot, offering enough for all to do yet retaining its quiet and unspoilt feel.

In 1742, following the Jacobite uprising, Fort Augustus was completed in honour of the Duke of Cumberland, William Augustus by General Wade. Construction began in 1729 and took thirteen years to complete, and in this time a settlement developed in the area. The fort fell into many hands afterwards and eventually went into the ownership of the Lovat family in 1867, who by 1876 had passed it onto the Benedictine order. The Benedictine order had a much stronger influence at the time, and their monastic way of life would have undoubtedly contributed to the look and feel of the area over the years, although these days the village exudes a more quaint, rather than austere aura.
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The Benedictine Abbey

The Abbey, which is now home to the Highland Club in Fort Augustus, has held a deep and rich history since it was built in 1876. Sometimes known as the Augustus Abbey, it was built near the original site of the fort itself. The Abbey bought the restoration of monasticism to a country, which before the reformation, was varied in its religious and architectural styles. In its history, the Abbey has also been owned by the Lovat family, who now own the Lovat Arms, and at one point was turned into a school by the monks who lived and worked there.
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Loch Ness

Whether you’re into water sports, boating or spotting Nessie herself, the world famous Loch Ness will not disappoint. At 23 miles long, it is one of the longest and deepest lochs in Scotland. The character of the loch is undoubtedly awe-inspiring and varied given its size; so the view from the shifting banks changes dramatically as you travel through. With Inverness at the top, and Drumnadrochit to the west, the loch is connected by the surrounding A28 main road, allowing you to visit all of the key spots along the way.

For the active amongst you, in good weather, the loch is the perfect platform to take to boating activities. If you’re a novice, the Highland Club will steer you in the right direction for the appropriate guidance. Check for details in the ‘Things to do’ section.
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This natural formation of the jagged peaks, with craggy highs and steep climbs has formed part of the Scottish landscape for centuries, inspiring writers and artists for generations. It is a geographical wonder beheld by many to be the one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Those planning walks or climbs are advised to read the walking section of the site in the ‘Things to do’ section. It is always advisable to plan a supervised trip with the appropriate safety gear and under suitable weather conditions.
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Scotland, for many, is a country rich in historic Gaelic history, culture and tradition. It has become a destination for visitors around the world, emerging through political and religious evolution from pre-medieval to modern times. Today, it is a thriving cosmopolitan country with globally renowned cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as world heritage sites encompassing its many islands, castles and villages. In 1707 Scotland became part of the Kingdom of Britain, now the United Kingdom (U.K). Scotland is one of the UK’s most northern reaching, and therefore geographically stunning regions. Bordering both the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean, it is one of the upper-northern hemisphere’s most enchanting countries.
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bullet Visiting Scotland
As part of the UK, Scotland forms part of the European Union, granting access to all EU citizens planning a trip here. Visitors from outside Europe may require the appropriate Visa depending on the nature of their stay. Further information is available through the Home Office UK Border Agency or the Scottish Tourism Board.
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